Thursday, July 08, 2004

I was looking at a map of the US yesterday and came up with a list of favorite contemporary writers and the georaphical area that they are associated with.

BloomNew Haven, Connecticut
DillardTinker Creek, Virginia
HelprinHudson Valley, New York
PagliaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvannia
Jim HarrisonNorthern Michigan
BerryHenry County, Kentucky
Stuart DavisMinnesota; Colorado
WilberBoulder, Colorado
PirsigBozeman, Montana
FeuersteinNorthern California
EaswaranSF Bay area, California
SnyderSierra Nevada Mnts, California

Mostly, these are not urban places. Do I enjoy rural authors (whether despite or because of my suburban location), or do great authors tend to be inspired by rural locations? It would be interesting to map a longer list of authors and see which areas are covered.


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