Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Mystery of the Oakbrook Gurudwara

I was looking for a place to meditate while on my lunch break at work. I remembered that there was supposed to be a Sikh temple, called a gurudwara, in Oakbrook. So I looked up the address on the net and drove off looking for it. On Forest Gate Road in Oakbrook, there is only the Oakbrook Park District (1450 Forest Gate) and a luxurious subdivision (from 1 to 75 Forest Gate). A mail lady was stopped there, so I got out and asked her where 1500 Forest Gate Road is. She says: "1500 Forest Gate Road doesn't exist! But we get mail for them all the time! We have to send it back."

Someone must have planned to build the Oakbrook Gurudwara, perhaps where the Oakbrook Park District is now located.

Or maybe a sadhu lives in the large, partially-forested park to the north of Forest Gate Road...

Zen teachers recommend noticing the dream-like qualities of existence, but I wasn't expecting to notice the mystery-novel-like moments.


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