Friday, June 04, 2004

Here, I wrote that Stuart Davis is the poet of Ken Wilber's integral philosophy. Here are some more match-ups that I came up with:>
socrates aristophanes
plato sophocles
aristotle euripides
plotinus michelangelo
augustine, aquinas dante
vico petrarch
machiavelli, bacon shakespeare
luther, calvin milton, donne
voltaire, diderot pope
rousseau blake,wordsworth, etc.
kant, schelling goethe
hegel heine
marx dickens
emerson, thoreau whitman, dickinson
nietzsche kafka, mann, musil
freud lawrence
james frost
whitehead stevens
aurobindo aurobindo
heidegger rilke, hesse
wilber davis

This is not meant to diminish or to highten the reputation of any poet, but to try to notice which major philosophies have been put into poetry, and which haven't.


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