Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Actually, what I have been struggling for, the creation of a viable, honest contemporary spirituality, is not that difficult to define. The task is to see worth in each thing, without exception. Everything is here for a reason. Obviously, I don't mean that in a mythic, supernatural, moralistic way. Everything is here for reason, but not only do we not know what that reason is, the reason doesn't even exist fully. The point to existence evolves along with the evolution of existence itself. This is what I call "holistic spirituality", and is a task for a lifetime. To see the necessity of every person, every minor thing, every action, however seemingly stupid, minor, violent or hideous. This seems to be similar to Nietzsche's Dionysian ideal. (You mean that ideal that he had a hard time living up to? Yeah--that one.) Which makes sense, since both his and my spiritual ideal is Goethe.

I think that what is necessary for this form of consciousness is a deep, abiding trust in and love for existence, below the superficial everyday ups and downs of emotions.

So, waiting, I have won from you in the end: God's presence in each element. ~g


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