Friday, June 28, 2002

I was going to type in a long quotation by Ken Wilber, but googled the first few words, and of course, it's been entered already. It's half-way down this page, here with a geocities ad, and here with some graphics and a pop-up. Click on the one you find least offensive.

To me, it shows Wilber's transformation of traditional Buddhism from a rather pessimistic system--I've always interpreted the concept of Nirvana as meaning that existence should be escaped (a typically inaccurate Western view)--into something pretty affirming and positive. It is slightly other-worldly, but consider that in context, it comes as a prayer-like outpouring after 700 pages of intense philosophical reflection on consciousness in this world in the book Sex, Ecology, Spirituality. In that context, it seems very appropriate.


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