Sunday, June 16, 2002

Well, for thought-proking, I sure as hell can't do any better than The Cellar BBS's image of the day today.

Non-violent protestors are one of the few saintly things in the world today (in all the positive senses that the term "saintly" connotes). They are an affront and a challenge to many forms of evil that afflict our world.

Violent protestors, like binLaden, get the opposite of what they want done. binLaden claimed he wanted a Palestinian state. What he has achieved is dead civilians in both Manhattan and Kabul and Palestine is farther away than ever. And a very patriotic America.

Non-violent protestors, like the ones in the picture, have a far greater chance of achieving their objectives than violent protestors. Or at least, of not making the opposite of their objectives come true, as is the case with binLaden.

And perhaps there is another, invisible, factor at work in their favor.


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