Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So Rod Blagojevich, who I voted for, is a fool, a thief, an ethical moron, a criminal. I hope that he is impeached, and that he goes to jail for decades. My responsibility as a voter was to measure his character as best I could, to compare it to that of his opponent, and to vote for the better candidate. It appears that I chose wrongly.

You will note that this reaction is different from the reaction of those who voted for Bush. When confronted with incontrovertible evidence that Bush was a fool, a liar, and a criminal, what did they do? They voted him into office again --- the office of the Commander-in-Chief of the world's only superpower. That many of them did so due to the assassination by Karl Rove of Senator John Kerry's character is no legitimate excuse.

I bear some responsibility for Blagojevich's crimes, because I helped to enable him to commit those crimes by voting for him. Similarly, those who voted for Bush bear responsibility for his far more serious, damaging, and insidious crimes. That they do not consider themselves culpable, or do not consider his crimes to be crimes, only shows the extent to which they have neglected or abdicated their ethical and civic responsibilities.


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