Friday, November 07, 2008

Nora Ephron:
People like me sometimes wonder what it would be like to be involved in mistakes that end up killing people; we wonder about sleepless nights and remorse and guilt. Bill Kristol exists to remind us that these are pathetic liberal fantasies, and that some people are never sorry. Only last week I saw Kristol on television continuing to defend Sarah Palin: she was a bright woman, he was saying, who'd simply been mismanaged by the McCain campaign.
We now know that Palin was probably less suited for the Presidency than your average college graduate. How close to real, honest, civilization-threatening apocalypse did right-wing nihilists, with their credulous followers faithfully in tow, bring us? And Ephron puts her finger on the most astonishing aspect of all: no regret, just continued irrational aggression and enthusiastic denial of reality.

It's not political or theological conservativism that I have a problem with. I have a problem with putting insane people in charge of the nation. Deep down, beneath all the blathering and the regurgitation of hate-radio talking points, they know that Obama's not a communist, or a terrorist, or a Muslim, or a traitor. They know that the country will be better off under Obama than McCain-Bimbo. Yet they voted against him anyways.

Let's just let that sink in.


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