Wednesday, December 17, 2008

America, look: Obama is charting a new path. He does not demonize Republicans or his opponents on the left, either --- even when they try to demonize him. He ran a campaign that he would have been proud of even if he had lost --- but he won. His opponent ran a campaign that he should be ashamed of --- and he lost.

This is a huge difference from the Bush campaigns which were despicable and immoral, and yet successful. The shameful, and yet successful Bush campaigns told Americans and the world that American voters are either stupid or evil (or some mixture of the two). The Obama campaign told Americans and the world that Americans can be trusted to make the right choice.

Obama has succeeded in bringing out the best in us, rather than the worst. Please open your minds America. Stop listening to racist, immoral hate-radio, the political equivalent of the Jerry Springer show, all circus and no ideas. Stop watching Fox News, Sean Hannity, and '24'. Stop visiting Drudge and the Politico. Stop buying cynicism and hate. Start thinking and feeling again and start making America what it should have been all along.


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