Thursday, October 07, 2004

WikIntegral: A call for an integral wiki.

CoolMel, aka Rommel, make a gracious link to my wikipedia page on his blog, which I read regularly.

Wikipedia is great...but I've been thinking...

My contributions to the wikipedia have been somewhat subversive. They haven't exactly abided by the wikipedia policies, which demand that entries strive for a neutral point of view. Obviously, this is an aim, rather than a hard rule, but I can't say that I even try to abide by it. I try to give an integral perspective, which is a particular point of view, and not a common one. In fact, it could seem bizarre or be confusing to the uninitiated.

What needs to happen eventually is a separate Integral wiki. This google search doesn't find one. A space on which everything is re-defined with an eye for the comprehensive, the holistic, the balanced. A space that paints the integral universe. A space in which someone like Aurobindo or Ramana Maharshi will not be treated as Hindu gurus of minor historical importance -- which is how they must be treated on a general wiki -- but instead as the massively influential visionaries that they the integral universe.

All that is physically needed is a server and someone to install and maintain the wiki software. I don't have the technical skills to do that. But I would like to contribute to the content.

Think of it as a blog that is organized alphabetically, rather than chronologically. Maybe the software could even be tweaked to yield a chronological weblog-like view in addition to an alphabetized, encyclopedia-like one.

Wikis are essentially integral. The openness, the synergy, the flexibility, the way that they build on and feed off of energy is unmistakably integral. For these reasons, I believe that an integral wiki will eventually exist. It's time to get started.


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