Friday, August 27, 2004

The Ramakrishna Kathamrita is usually or always translated The Gospel of Ramakrishna. This echoes The Gospel of St. Matthew, et al. -- the accounts of Jesus' life. The translator is drawing a parallel between Jesus and Ramakrishna. Which is ok, such as it is -- there are definitely parallels. But Jesus is Jesus and Ramakrishna is Ramakrishna. Their distinct personalities are part of their individual beauties.

I asked my wife what a literal translation of "Ramakrishna Kathamrita" would be. Turns out that it means "Story-nectar of Ramakrishna." But that's awkward. But I think that The Nectar of Ramakrishna works. So henceforth, that is how I shall refer to the book. Those who look at me quizzically when I do so shall receive this explanation.


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