Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Summary of Issues

This should be interesting to look at in a year.

* First net loss of jobs over term since Herbert Hoover
* Dishonesty and secrecy
**** interference with scientists, stem cell research; climate change
**** deceptive economics, dishonest budgets, ludicrous job growth estimates
**** abuse of intelligence organizations; interference with 9-11 comission
* Tax cuts -- regressive transfer of wealth from working class to the rich
**** did not yield promised improvement to economy
**** depleted social security fund; created large deficit;
* Iraq -- no WMDs; no al-qaeda; no 9-11 connection; no threat; questionable humanitarian value
**** not in interests of US; is no help in war on terrorism
**** dangerous attempt at early exit
**** weakened NATO, UN, US relations with Turkey, Europe, etc
**** Halliburton profiteering
* War on Terror -- no attempt at increase in port security
* No progress on Palestine; no criticism of Saudis
* Gay Marriage -- unnecessary, anti-federalist constitutional amendment
**** interferes with privacy rights -- anti-libertarian
* Valerie Plame -- was Bush or Cheney aware of felony? If not, why not?
* Afghanistan -- no Bin Laden, heroin industry, poor nation-building
* Poor treatment of armed forces, national guard
* Ashcroft's disregard for civil rights
* Neglect of national guard service
* Haiti -- US coup?

UPDATE: how the hell do you write an outline in blogger? or in html for that matter?


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