Wednesday, March 19, 2003

My birthday this year is a pretty dark day.

My thoughts on the war:

Hussein is evil, but there is no Iraq/Al Qaeda link. We can expect one to be manufactured presently.

The utter failure of the Bush Admin to create a coalition will have devastating results for the future of international relations. That the administration won't listen to Bush I, whose friends are writing pointed op-ed pieces in the NYT, is astonishing. For the nations of the world to depose Hussein would be a great good. But for the US and the UK to invade Iraq makes us the aggressors. We alone have taken on the mantle of the imperial power, the colonialists, the policeman of the world. Those who want to attempt a worldwide Pax Americana have won in DC. But the American people don't want the job. They never asked for it. It was foisted on them without a vote by Richard Perle, who has allegience to Israel. The American people won't support invading country after country, especially when the consequences, in the form of terrorism, occur. The result of this insanity can only be disaster. Bush's ear must be given to someone with a little sense or wisdom or knowledge of history. Otherwise, we face annihilation.


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