Friday, April 19, 2002

Marshall Whitman, former adviser to John McCain, who now runs a good column called BullMoose at the "Project for Conservative Reform" website (the idea is an organizatiion of progressive Republicans like McCain), recommends that the Democrats consider Wesley Clark, former NATO commander, as a presidential candidate. (April 16th column; scroll down. No permalink available.)

It's a good idea that could put paid to the Democrats' dovish, wimpy reputation they now have. An idea that they will, of course, ignore. I felt strongly that in the last POTUS primary election, the two worst candidates (Bush and Gore) won over the two best ones (McCain and Bradley). This is no accident. Both of my favorite candidates were too far ahead of the people. They were too mature, politically and ethically.

The Chicago Tribune ran an article about my favorite Chicago Restaurant Review site, Chowhound Chicago.


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