Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Yet another appreciation of the intransigence of the difficulties in Israel and Palestine.

170 windmills off Cape Cod are proposed.

Weblogs as new business communication tool.

LOTS of LEGO movies!

Long bets. People are betting on how they think technology will unfold in future decades. One of these bets is that weblogs will consistently out-scoop the New York Times by 2007. More specifically,
In a Google search of five keywords or phrases representing the top five news stories of 2007, weblogs will rank higher than the New York Times' Web site.
Via this Wired article.

Another interesting point in the article (about a different bet):
If any 2-year-old today lasts till January 1, 2150, then Austad wins. Since neither Olshansky nor Austad expects to be around that long, a panel will adjudicate the contest and bequeath the prize to the bettors' heirs. And since neither scientist had $500 million on hand, each started a trust fund with $300, which according to their calculations should top $500 million in 150 years if the compounding is left undisturbed.
Actually, given his beliefs about consciousness, Ken Wilber should be the one betting Ray Kurzweil that artificial intelligence will not pass the Turing Test by 2029. [Note slow, obnoxious "Ramona" pop-up window at Ray Kurzweil's site.]


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