Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bev Conover:
It’s bad enough that right-wing talk show hosts call for people’s deaths -- and we saw how that played out when Jim D. Adkisson shot up the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, killing two and wounding five, because he hates liberals as well as gays -- but for a vice presidential candidate to hurl verbal bombs that could lead to a man’s death is not just over the top, not just "mildly dangerous", as Joe Biden called it, it’s criminal.

If John McCain has any integrity at all, this ignorant, vindictive, hate-spewing woman should be immediately removed from the Republican ticket and sent back to Alaska, where she can continue carrying out her vendettas by figuratively shooting anyone who crosses her and literally shooting innocent animals from a helicopter. She is a disgrace not only to all women, but also to all human beings.

McCain better consider that if some rabid right-winger is incited to harm Obama due to Palin’s words, she is an accomplice and he, for lack of denouncing and ridding himself of her, may very well be too.


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