Wednesday, June 05, 2002

"But what none of the first-tier memes can do is fully appreciate the existence of the other memes. Each of the first-tier memes thinks that its worldview is the only true perspective. It reacts negatively if challenged; it lashes out, using its own tools, whenever it is threatened. Blue order is very uncomfortable with red impulsiveness and orange individualism. Orange individualism thinks blue order is for suckers and green egalitarianism is weak and woo-woo. Green egalitarianism cannot easily abide excellence and value rankings, big pictures, hierarchies, or anything that appears authoritarian, and thus green tends to lash out at blue, orange, and anything post-green. Folks, let me put it bluntly: any first-tier meme will prevent world peace."
--Ken Wilber, Boomeritis, p. 28-29.

For an explanation of the color-scheme he's using, here is a short passage that I wrote, and here is a long one. But I think the passage is also intelligible by ignoring the color jargon. What it says is that the only worldview or state of consciousness that is capable of moving the world towards peace is one that recognizes the appropriateness, the right to exist of the other perspectives, worldviews, memes, or states of consciousness.


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