Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Several people I know are either vegetarians or "conscientious carnivores". Thoreau said that 'just as surely as the human species gave up cannibalism will it give up carnivorism' (That's not exactly right...I'm quoting from memory.)

Although I'm not quite jumping on the "Meat is murder" bandwagon just yet, I am convinced that there is a certain bad faith for the majority of civilized meat-eaters, like me, who are too sensitive to kill and clean their own meat. I suppose maybe that that is part of the attraction of hunting for some. Our culture enthusiastically hides the brutal facts of meat-eating from view, and I think that we should all wonder about whether this is optimal or not.

So although I like nothing better than a good steak, and could probably never give up meat entirely, I do give vegetarians credit for an interesting and provocative moral stance.


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